Where is Rapidan Baptist Camp?

  • Rapidan Baptist Camp is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the town of Rochelle, Virginia.
  • We are located about 2 hours SW of Washington, D.C., a 1/2 hour north of Charlottesville, and 1 1/2 hours from Richmond.

What does Rapidan Baptist Camp have to offer?

  • Rapidan Baptist Camp is a 160 acre facility with 9 cabins, a Lodge, a swimming pool with a large water slide, a lake for fishing, canoeing, and boating, the death rail, a climbing wall, a game room, hiking trails, a low ropes course, target range, zipline,gyroscope as well as regular activities such as basketball and volleyball.
  • We can hold about 222 campers at one time.  We have 2 full time staff members and many other teens and adults that volunteer their time during the summer.

What does Rapidan Baptist Camp want to accomplish?

  • Our goal is to aid the local church by helping them to make and mature disciples to become more like Christ.
  • We accomplish our goal by taking the camper away from the influences of the world and help them to concentrate on Christ through sound preaching, conservative Christian Music, meeting other Christian young people, and exposing them to the beauty of God’s creation.

What type of camps does Rapidan Baptist Camp offer and how long will I be working?
We offer 4 regular junior camps, 1 teen camp, and 3 more junior rental weeks. Staff training week always starts the first full week of June. Counselors will need to commit to being here for 9 weeks including the staff training week. Operational staff may work 1 more week pending on rental camps.

Where would I stay and what do I do on the weekends?
Counselors stay in cabins with their campers and operational staff will share the cabin with others on their crew. After the campers leave, the staff will stay to help clean up designated areas, then the staff is free until 9:00 p.m. on Sunday night. If you are leaving the campsite for an overnight stay, you must have approval from the Director.

Where does the staff go to church?
All staff members are required to be a part of the local church throughout the summer on Sundays.  Occasionally we may visit different churches to give testimonies and promote the camp; However, when we are not doing that you can have permission to go to a church on the approved list. What version of the Bible should I plan to bring and use at camp? We ask all our staff and speakers to use the King James Version of the Bible in all preaching or counseling.  The campers will also memorize their verses from the KJV.

Can I bring my cell phone and my mp3 player to camp?

  • Yes you may bring your cell phone, we ask that no mp3 players be used during the week of camp.

the dress code?

  • Guys:  Be clean-shaven.  Wear collared shirt for evening services, nice jeans are acceptable  Please do not wear tank tops or ripped jeans.  Shorts are acceptable for recreational purposes and must come down to the knee.
  • Girls:  Dresses and skirts should cover the knee and be loose fitting.  Please plan to wear skirts to the evening service as an example to the campers.  Any pants, jeans, capris, shorts, must come below the knee and be loose fitting.

What positions are available at Rapidan Baptist Camp?

  • We are looking for people to serve as program director, head cook, promotional tech., counselors, office workers, lifeguards, a nurse, kitchen workers, and grounds crew.
  • Counselors must be 18 or older.

What is Rapidan Baptist Camp looking for in a staff member?

  • We want our staff to be committed to serving Christ in any area by serving others.
  • We want our staff members to uphold all the camp rules and encourage others to make wise decisions
  • We want our staff members to be flexible and be willing to be faithful in every area of ministry at the Camp.
  • We want our staff to be growing in Christ and striving to be more like Him.

Will there be training?

  • Yes. We will give instructions for every area of ministry.  We want you to be confident in your assigned responsibility.
  • We will train our counselors and other staff members the basics of Biblical counseling so that you can be involved in helping others grow spiritually not only during the summer but for your future life as God has called each one of us to minister to others.

Will I get paid for working at Rapidan Baptist Camp?

  • Working at Rapidan Baptist Camp is a voluntary ministry. Each worker will recieve a small stipen of $20.00 every week.
  • We will try to do as much as we can, and if the Lord so provides, we will be happy to give you an honorarium at the end of the summer for your sacrificing your summer to minister at the Camp.
  • We do have the SOS program that can help you raise money for your work this summer.  You can do so by writing to your local church and or family members a letter of your intent on ministering to the Camp this summer. We would be happy to provide you with a sample letter.

What are the steps in the application process?

  • Fill out and return your application.
  • Have two references sent to use by people other than your family.
  • We will pray and review the application and send out a contract.
  • After the contract is signed and returned, we will accept and sign the contract as long as there are still openings.
  • You will then become a member of the Summer Ministry Team.