Men’s Retreat

Join us for shoulder-to-shoulder fellowship and fun as we spend time in the Word of God and enjoy camaraderie with other Christians.

Dates: Friday, January 10 – Saturday, January 11
Registration: 5:30 – 6 PM, Friday
Departure: 3:30 PM, Saturday
Cost: $55
Speaker: Dr. Bob Jones III

What to Bring

Bedding (pillow, sleeping bag or set of twin sheets and blanket)
Shower and Toiletry Items
Money (snacks, offerings, etc.)
Bible and note-taking items
Fall days and nights can be cold. Please be sure to bring sufficiently warm clothing and bedding.
Dress is casual throughout the retreat.

What Not to Bring

illegal drugs
tobacco products
vape items
alcoholic drinks
cell phones
clothing with worldly advertisements, vulgar or graphic expressions