Food, Health, & Safety


We strive to provide good food, and plenty of it, to all our campers. However, we are not always able to meet everyone’s specific needs. Those with a special dietary need should bring their own necessary supplements that can be prepared in a microwave. Please call (540) 672-0426 or send us a message using the link at the bottom of the page if you have questions about your camper’s special dietary requirements.


Rapidan Baptist Camp and Conference Center requires all of its campers to be immunized against polio, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), and tetanus according to H.H.S. standards. In the event that parents choose not to immunize their child, they must sign a statement releasing the camp from any liability due to exposure to any communicable disease (including any consequences form the withholding of tetanus immunization should their child sustain a cut or puncture wound while on the campsite). Any camper showing symptoms of or any exposure to the aforementioned diseases should not attend any camp events.


Code of Conduct: The staff of the Rapidan Baptist camp is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for your child; however, campers are also responsible to assist in these efforts. Parents are responsible to make sure their child understands the guidelines below. Campers must accept and get along with others. Campers will be expected to edify others. Language and actions that do not edify can be cause for dismissal. Put-downs, cuts, malicious teasing, practical jokes, bullying, etc. will not be tolerated from any camper. Campers will refrain from touching others in any harmful or inappropriate way. Campers will not use foul language. Campers will follow directions the first time they are given. Most of our directions are for the safety of campers, and second chances may be too late. Campers must pay attention to their surroundings and use care in all activities. Campers will adhere to all safety rules and regulations given for each activity he/she participates in while at camp. Campers must inform staff if they are experiencing a problem with another camper or other issues. If we are not informed about a problem, we cannot stop the problem or assist the camper. Violation of the CODE OF CONDUCT can be grounds for automatic dismissal. Refunds are not given when a camper is dismissed from the program.