Pee Wee Camp – Hillbilly Havoc

The Rivalry Continues…

We’re hostin’ a weekend of fun-filled adventures for youngins. If you’re game for some friendly competition, some good preachin’ and good eating’, then come along!

Dates: Friday, July 19 – Saturday, July 20
Check-In: 5-5:30 PM, Friday
Departure: 6:00 PM, Saturday
Cost: $40/Child; $50/Parent
Ages: 5-8
Speaker: Glenn Shank

Here’s a list of some things we’ve got in store for you:

  • zip-linin’
  • water-slidin’
  • rock-climbin’
  • paddle-boatin’
  • canyon-crossin’
  • bow-shootin’
  • rifle-rangin’
Speaker Bio

I am thankful for the privilege to grow up in a Christian home and coming to know the Lord as Savior at an early age. After listening to a message in a Christian school chapel, I was counseled by the pastor and I trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior.  Growing up in a Christian family and Bible preaching church I was exposed to solid biblical teaching and training on a regular basis.  As a young boy I sensed God calling me into full-time ministry.  Later, as a teenage boy working on staff at a Christian camp, I submitted my life to full-time Christian service and began to pray for God’s direction to a specific ministry in the future.  The following summer I yielded to God’s call to the ministry of evangelism.   

Since that time, God has used many people and events to prepare us for this exciting ministry.  It is a humbling reality to consider that God would choose to use a selfish and sinful vessel and transform it into an instrument that He can use for His glory.  I am thankful for His patient and perfecting work in my life and look forward to being used in His service in the future.

What to Bring

pool shoes/sandals
swimsuit (one-piece swimsuit for girls)
sport clothes for activities
casual dress clothes for the evening services
spending money for Snack Shop and offerings

What Not to Bring

illegal drugs
tobacco products
vape items
alcoholic drinks
cell phones
clothing with worldly advertisements, vulgar or graphic expressions