Men’s 3D Archery Shoot

Join us for a day of archery competition. Prizes will be given throughout the retreat. This retreat is also available as a one-day event. Our speaker is Scott Sivksty. See below for more details.

Date: Friday, August 23 – Saturday, August 24
Ages: 13+
Check-in: Friday, 5:30 PM
Departure: Saturday, 3:30 PM
Cost: $65

One Day Event
Saturday, August 24
Check-in: Saturday, 9:00 AM
Departure: Saturday, 3:30 PM
Cost: $45

Each individual must bring his own equipment. Equipment and scoring guidelines will be generally based on BHA.

A practice area will be provided. Crossbows will not be allowed in competition. Binoculars recommended.

Divisions: Open Class, Hunter, Traditional Archery Equipment, Senior (age 60+). Open Class includes bows with scopes and/or moveable sights. Max shooting distance is 45 yards. Hunter Class shooting max distance is 40 yards. Traditional Equipment  and Senior shooting distance maximum is 30 yards. Once shooting the course begins, only Open Class participants may adjust their sights.

VBA Scoring:
An “11” ring centered inside a “10” ring. The “10” ring will be in the vital area. An “8” ring approximates the heart, lung, and liver (vital area). The rest of the body is scored “5”.

An arrow embedded in the horn of an animal, not touching body color, is considered a miss and is scored as a zero. Targets with legs or hooves of a different color than the main body will still be considered as body color for scoring.

Some targets have material surrounding the actual outline of a target animal. This additional material will NOT be counted for score.

What to Bring

archery equipment
sport clothes for activities
casual dress clothes for the evening services
spending money for Snack Shop and offerings

What Not to Bring

illegal drugs
tobacco products
vape items
alcoholic drinks
cell phones
clothing with worldly advertisements, vulgar or graphic expressions